A Letter from the Artistic Director


    I have wanted to establish ASPIRA Academy of Music for a long time and I am so excited that it is becoming a reality!  ASPIRA is an amalgamation of my activities as a student, performer, private voice teacher, performance coach and artistic director of theatre and children’s musical theatre.  I've been involved in musical theatre programming for most of my life, starting as a student and graduating to the role of staff.  With ASPIRA I bring you a program informed by decades of experience as a student, teacher and director of musical theatre.


     Our musical theatre courses focus on building each participant's confidence through positive group dynamics, constructive interaction with qualified instructors, fostering skills in the three disciplines of musical theatre (dance, vocal music, drama), establishing work ethic and successfully using those skills in an encouraging performance environment.  


    At ASPIRA we emphasize team building and interpersonal skills while exploring dance, vocal music and drama.  At every level of ability we prioritize these foundational elements, knowing that whether a student will "catch the performance bug" or not, these skills will be effective tools in whatever passions they choose to pursue.  We want our students to experience a constructive group environment that results in a high standard of performance because, for any performer - professional or beginner - being a part of a successful show and close knit cast are the building blocks for a life long love of the arts.


    Thank you for your interest in ASPIRA and our theatre programming.  I am so excited to bring my experience and expertise to this new generation of youth inspired by the likes of "Glee", High School Musical and NBC live presentations of musical theatre classics.  It's so wonderful that musical theatre is so accessible in our popular culture.  It's an opportunity to take popular interest and harness that to achieve growth in real life - one of my favourite aspects of teaching!


Yours in Music,

Amber Quarrington, Mmus, ARCT