B i o g r a p h y

Amber Quarrington is a performer whose passion for music has taken her from her classical roots, to folk, musical theatre, jazz and back to classical again.

As a singer-songwriter with Canadian folk trio Sirens, Quarrington gained international recognition and critical acclaim.  Unable to part with her love of classical music, she continued to study classically (in between tour dates with Sirens) completing her ARCT through the Royal Conservatory of Music Canada, in time establishing a studio and teaching voice herself.  In 2007 she decided to leave the Canadian folk music scene altogether to return to the University of Western Ontario to study under Dr. Sophie Roland in pursuit of her Bachelor of music in Vocal Performance, a goal she achieved in 2010.  She went on to attend the University of Toronto and received her masters in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy in 2012.

Despite returning to school and maintaining a busy teaching schedule, Quarrington continued to perform regularly including appearances with Orchestra London in both The Magic Flute under the baton of Timothy Vernon, and also as the soprano soloist in Fauré’s Requiem.  She continues to perform in other genres including ongoing Jazz projects with London pianist Steve Holowitz and performances in Orchestra London’s Pops series.  


Quarrington also added "mom" to her resume in 2012, welcoming three children in under 2 years - yep, she has twins!